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Four Health Corners
Four Health Corners
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Healthy Environment

Healthy mind, body, eating and environment are only separated on our website for conceptual clarity, however, the are deeply interconnected and inseparable. What we eat affects, body mind and environment. The health of our body and mind is linked with the health of the planet. When we make choices that are aligned with our health, the health of others and the health of the planet we feel better about ourselves and our choices. Also, when the body is unhealthy it can be difficult to foster good mental health. A healthy body and healthy mind tend to go hand in hand.

The planet is warming. Carbon sinks such as permafrost, soil, forest and oceans are being destroyed and becoming increasingly unstable. Soils are degraded and deficient in nutrients. Oceans and freshwater bodies are full of plastics and other toxins. Many people do not have sufficient food or drinkable water. Bees are in danger and biodiversity is decreasing. The Earth is a living organism and at this point it is not healthy. As long as the Earth is not healthy, humans will not be healthy. This is why we cannot promote human well being without promoting environmental well being. This planet is all we have. We must do better by it.

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