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Four Health Corners
Four Health Corners
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About Us

Who is Four Health Corners
Four Health Corners is a health promotion company founded by Marie Mitilinellis (B.Sc, B.ScN, RN) in 2012. Marie is a registered nurse who specialized in health promotion her entire nursing career. Marie started Four Health Corners with a vision for an integrated health promotion approach that includes diet, mindfulness as well as environmental integrity.  Marie’s strategy is to provide evidence-based health related information, education and support. We offer free content because access to good health should be universal, and we also offer consultation on a fee basis. Marie also teaches mindfulness meditation, and vegan and raw vegan food preparation.
Marie’s credentials/experience include:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing [summa cum laude] specializing in public health, community health and mental health - York University
  • Hons. Bachelor of Science in Biogeography University of Toronto
  • 20 years of public health/community nursing
  • Mental Health Consultant with the City of Toronto for 8 years
  • Teaching Narrative Solution Focused Approach for over 8 years
  • Providing communities with psychosocial support after a critical incident as part of a Community Support Team
  • Various roles in health promotion including heart health, smoking cessation and nutrition
  • Forensic Nurse Examiner at Scarborough Grace Hospital
  • Visiting Nurse with St. Elizabeth
  • Health Promotion Nurse with the University of Toronto
  • Experience working with Addictions at CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)
  • Certification in trauma counseling from Hinks Dellcrest
  • Certificate in Mindfulness Meditation from the University of Toronto
  • Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher from The Centre for Mindfulness at UMass
  • Certified Health Educator - Hippocrates Health Institute
  • Health Promotion Nurse Entrepreneur for 12 years
  • Owner/Partner of a Software development company for the last 15 years
Our Mission

To provide health promotion services that are founded on integrity, principles of health promotion, illness prevention, scientific research, and environmental responsibility. We do this by integrating Four Corners of good health – Mind, Body, Food, and Environment.

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