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Four Health Corners
Four Health Corners
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Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is an act of love. Acts of love make us truly happy.

When we give our body foods that are nutrient dense, promote healthy gut bacteria, are easy to digest, have healing and protective phyto-chemicals, are low in toxins and fats the body has difficulty assimilating, then we are promoting our own well being. This is an act of caring and love.  We are also showing care and love toward the planet and other species. Consumer goods are driven by demand. If more people choose healthier whole foods there will be little demand, and therefore fewer products, that make us and the planet ill. We could save precious rain forests, protect fertile lands and biodiversity and maybe even slow down global warming.

In fact, every day a vegan saves roughly 9 kg of C02e, 4000 litres or water, 2.8 square kilometres of forest and 18 kilograms of grain.

What if you could do something, now, that not only improves your health but also that of the plant? What would you choose?  

To help support a healthy planet and healthy people we offer healthy vegan gluten free recipes. See our Vegan's Friend recipes.

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