Healthy Body - New Project 1

Four Health Corners
Four Health Corners
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A healthy body is a happy body. Can the body be be happy? Absolutely!

Remember – every cell in your body is constantly listening to your thoughts.  Or, as the book title by Barbara Hoberman Levine says quite succinctly, Your Body Believes Every Word You Say. This is why our thoughts, and in fact the relationship we have with ourselves, is so important for healing and wellness.

The body is intelligent and knows if it needs to rest, repair or heal. Problem is, we often ignore the wisdom of the body by discounting its signals until the problem becomes more serious. As much as the body listens to our thoughts, we also need to listen to what our bodies are communicating. They body is always speaking to us, be it a gut feeling, butterflies, tension, pain, low energy, or indigestion.
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