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Raw Vegan Education

Likely you have heard of the numerous health benefits associated with eating a mostly raw vegan diet. Some of these benefits include:  
• Getting more nutrition from your food
• Positive health effects with conditions such as blood cholesterol, cancer risk, heart disease, diabetes and inflammation
• Lower body weight
• Lower dietary sodium and sugar
• Supporting sustainable agriculture
• Eating to help save life on the planet
We offer educational programs to help you go raw, or partly raw.  Our role is to help those who have chosen to become raw vegans do so nutritiously and deliciously. We are not here to recommend a diet or tell you what you should or should not eat.  We can provide you with information that supports the health benefits and efficacy of a vegan diet. We can teach you how to prepare delicious and nutritious raw vegan food. We can teach you how to grow your own food. But the decision to make changes to your diet must come from you.
What we offer:

  • Raw Vegan Education
  • One on one private sessions
  • Group sessions – scheduled as demand dictates

We can help make raw vegan cuisine nutritious, delicious and fun. We cover everything from buying the right kitchen equipment, stocking your pantry, planning meals, how to shop vegan, getting the right nutrients, how to sprout, green juicing, food preparation, raw desserts, the beauty of dehydration, nut milks, fermentation for healthy gut bacteria and so much more.
Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating classes are a part of our Mindfulness Meditation classes.

Being mindful is about paying attention. Food is an important part of our existence. Food is directly related to our health and to the health of the planet. When we slow down our eating experience, and become more mindful of how and what we eat, we tend to make healthier food choices, improve digestion, eat less and even lose weight when we need to.

Become mindful of the relationship you have with food.

For more information call us for a free 15 minute consultation.
Eating Healthy is an Act of love.
Acts of Love Make Us Truly Happy.

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(c) 2021 Four Health Corners Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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