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We are currently facing a workplace stress crisis.
People are finding it increasingly difficult to balance personal responsibilities with job demands. There is pressure to do more with less. There are fewer resources in the workplace and yet we are expected to produce more. There is less disposable income as the cost of living continues to increase, less free time, less family time, more stress and less energy for work. A vicious cycle ensues as more and more people are turning to substances such as caffeine and prescription drugs to cope. However, this kind of coping only serves to perpetuate the problem. Workplace stress and its consequences have a profound negative impact on the Canadian workforce, including a substantial decrease in productivity, low morale, absenteeism, disability claims, as well as substantial costs to organizations, health care, family life and society. What we are seeing today is a workforce that is becoming unhealthier by the day and mental health issues are leading the way. Work, Life Balance is identified by the Public Health Agency of Canada as one of the conditions that determines whether a job is healthy or not. It does not mean to simply balance the time spent at work and home, though this is a part of it. It is also about balancing the stress at work and the self-care required to mitigate that stress.

How can we mitigate workplace stress?
By promoting happiness and well-being in the workplace.

How do we Promote Happiness in the Workplace?
We recognize that when it comes to mental wellness in the workplace, happiness is the bottom line. Happier people are more productive especially when it comes to insight and problem solving.
Yet, no one can impose happiness on another. What we can do, is create a set of conditions that nurture and support positivity and mutual respect and neutralize negativity and destructive behaviors.

Create a Mentally Safe Workplace.
Creating a workplace where people feel safe and valued requires commitment from all levels of the organization.
Our workshops help empower people to take control of their life at work as opposed to simply reacting to situations and perpetuating stress and negativity.

Learn to relate directly to circumstances without becoming a victim of those circumstances.
Understand that you have choices in how you respond to stress.
Learn how to use communication to decrease stress at work.
Learn how to be mindful.

Our Workshop Topics Include:

Understanding Workplace Stress
What recent findings from the field of neuroscience are teaching us about why we are so prone to severe stress reactions in the work-place and what we can do about it.

Improving Communication
Do you really listen to others? Do you know how to communicate in a way that supports your own self-care while acknowledging the needs of others? Many of us don’t. We can show you how.

Mindfulness in the Workplace
We are in the midst of a mindfulness revolution. Many institutions are utilizing mindfulness practices and the numbers are growing. Mindfulness works!

Dealing with Conflict
How we react to conflict in the workplace and how we can disarm destructive conflict situations.

Team Building
We tend to distrust what we do not understand. Our team building activities can help your team better understand one another, build trust, respect, and motivation, enhancing your ability to work constructively together to achieve common goals.

We also customize workshops to fit specific workplace needs and objectives.

The quest for peace begins in the home, in the school and in the workplace. - Silvia Cartwright

If interested in our workshops kindly send us an email at or see contact us.  We can then send you a workplace assessment form to help us better understand your needs. 

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