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Mindfulness Meditation Classes

At the heart of mindfulness meditation there is a very simple definition: paying attention to the present moment on purpose and without judgement.

We offer weekly classes in mindfulness meditation and we also teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), an 8 week program, twice a year.
Mindfulness meditation classes are on-going. MBSR, on the other hand, is a finite 8 week program with a set curriculum and taught by a qualified MBSR instructor. The content is similar for both. Both MBSR and mindfulness meditation are secular and evidence based.

Practising mindfulness meditation helps train the mind to be present with whatever is happening in this moment. This is done by using various objects of meditation such as the breath, sounds and body sensations. We practice focusing awareness on an object of meditation and gently coming back to it when the mind wanders. This type of concentration practice is important because it allows us to focus our awareness on something that we choose rather than being mindlessly swept away by random thoughts. As we shine the light of non judgemental awareness on the workings of the mind we begin to understand ourselves better. Mindfulness meditation changes the brain. We become less reactive to stressors. 

The practice is really quite simple and profoundly deep.

This is a challenging practice, effort and dedication to the practice will dictate the benefits derived. We also make it fun and interesting.

Classes will include the following:

• Sitting meditations – both guided and in silence
• Walking meditation
• Body scan meditation
• Gentle movement meditation
• Mindful eating
• Mindful sounds and scents
• Loving kindness/gratitude meditations
• Interpersonal meditation
• Small and large group discussions and exercises
• Handouts and homework

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to help with memory, immune function, pain, chronic illness, cancer, job and family stress and more. People report feeling calmer, more peaceful and at ease when they practice mindfulness meditation. Many people report feeling more gratitude and joy in their lives.

Mindfulness meditation is a very powerful practice that can help bring awareness to your inner resources and to your life. Everything you need you already have – awaken and mobilize your inner healer to deal more effectively with pain, illness and the pressures and demands of daily life.

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