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Eating Mindfully is an Act of Love 

1 Give thanks
Try to begin each meal with a few words of gratitude for the food you are about to eat. Consider what it took for this food to get to your plate today – the sun, the rain, the farmers who grew it and the grocer who stocked it on the shelves making it available to you. How fortunate you are to have this food. Send love to the cook who prepared it, especially if it is to yourself. Be grateful for the miracle that it took for this food to grow from a tiny little seed into its fullest form ready for harvest.


2 Practice intuitive eating
Learn to listen to the sensations in your body. What does it feel like when you’re hungry, when you're full and when you’re thirsty? Notice why you eat.  Is it because you are stressed, bored, sad or tired.  Ask yourself what you are really craving? What are you really hungry for? Are you craving nourishment from another area of your life perhaps? 

3 Focus on nutrient-density
Forget calorie counting, portion control, counting carbs, fats and protein grams. Begin to look at food in terms nutritional value. By eating healthy, nutrient-dense food you are treating your body with love and highest regard. These are high vibration foods that infuse your body with energy, enzymes, phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins that will make you look and feel your very best.

4 Savor each bite
Let your senses come alive, not only the taste, but the texture, smell, sight, and sound of your food. Slow it down by putting down your fork between bites. This simple pause can be meditative and allows your body the chance to assimilate what is coming in through your senses. Chew your food 25 to 50 times. When you are eating be conscious that you are eating. Eat, chew and taste with moment to moment awareness. See what happens next. After the first bite, what do you notice?

5 Observe how food makes you feel
While you are eating, and especially after you finish a meal, be mindful of how you are feeling physically, emotionally and mentally. After you eat do you experience gas, reflux or bloating? When you eat sugar do you notice that you feel really up for a while but then crash 30 minutes later feeling irritable? Ask yourself if this food is energizing you or do you feel tired and sleepy? Do you feel good about yourself after eating this food? Is this food helping you feel more vibrant? Do you feel well-nourished and at your best? 

Opening Gratitude 
Thank you Earth for providing us with everything we need. Thank you for the food that grows from seed. 
Thank you Sun for the energy we need. Thank you Wind for carrying the seeds. 
Thank you Rain the carrier and matrix of life. Thank you Soil for the nourishment you give and receive. 
Thank you to the Hands that helped to grow this food, to bring it to our tables, to nourish our bodies and our minds. Thank you to All Beings for just being you. Thank you to our Friends, both old and new, to our Families, and our loved ones.
Thank you. 
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